Security Products and Services

Security Systems


ELECTRONIC SECURITY SYSTEMS Abbotsford Security’s Electronic Security Systems division specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of high quality, powerful electronic security systems for any site and any application, from the lowest of security levels to the highest levels of …

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Alarm Monitoring


Home alarm systems provide the greatest protection when they are monitored by professionals, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Abbotsford Security Services offers state-of-the-art monitoring at our central monitoring station located right here in the Lower Mainland.

Mobile Patrol Services


Abbotsford Security Services offers mobile services for administrative buildings, worksites, production plants, private homes and factory premises/properties as an alternative to full-time or part-time onsite security officers. Mobile Patrol gives clients peace of mind that their properties are being monitored …

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Alarm Response Services


Our alarm response team is your single point of contact for efficient and effective alarm response for your properties. No longer do you or an employee have to attend an alarm in the middle of the night, or face municipal …

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Bike Patrol Service

42 security forces bike patrol on maxwell AFB with SrA Trevor Lopez and SrA Brady Harley Photographed for Dispatch on Feb 1st 2010.

Abbotsford Security Services provides greater visibility in areas that are more difficult to patrol by motor vehicle, including public housing, retail centers, and beaches.Our bike patrol offer an effective approach and are quick, quiet, and can pursue suspects through areas …

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